Smarter Dentistry Begins With

Smarter Technology

The Air2Zed system makes your existing X-ray sensors wireless. This plug-and-play solution expands the possibilities of your imaging workflow while requiring no modifications to your current sensors or software.


Makes your imaging workflow wireless, efficient, and clutter-free.


Use a single sensor across multiple rooms.


Designed to scale with your growing practice.

A truly wireless imaging solution is here!

  • Plug-and-play
  • All-day battery life
  • 30-ft range
  • No software to install
  • No modifications to sensors
  • Easily use a sensor across rooms
  • UL/FCC approved
  • Supports most sensor brands

The future of the dental operatory.

The leader in dental technology innovation, Zinnovi introduces Air2Zed, a sleekly designed wireless X-ray solution to keep your office safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

Say goodbye to tangled wires, expensive damage, marks on your floor, lack of mobility, patient discomfort, and overall office inefficiency.

Begin with your starter system

Express Starter System

Includes a system to accommodate 1 sensor and 2 computers/ops

Supports one sensor and up to two workstations

  •   One transmitter
  •   Two receivers
  •   Charger and accessories included

Have a unique set-up? Contact us for a custom solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You’ll find our list of supported sensors here. If you do not see your sensor brand on this list please contact us for assistance

The battery in your Air2Zed is designed to easily last through your entire day. When you close for the day, simply set it to charge and it will be ready to go again when you open in the morning.

Yes. All buttons have a textured feel, making it simple to operate.

Clean your Air2Zed with the same sanitary wipes that you regularly use in your office.

Air2Zed should not be submerged in water or other liquid.

Yes, you can. Most customers begin with our starter system and then can expand the system to their needs, as little as one piece at a time. To inquire about your specific needs, please contact us.

The future is now.